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Attachement File Size

  • MaLee Muse


    I am starting my Buddypress journey… and I have a BIG question… but I am not sure WHERE or WHO to direct it to… I am open to suggestions…

    I want my users to be able to add images to my buddypress platform… but camera phones take HUGE photos that are well over 2 MG… I figure all those files will add up and will COST me in hosting…

    I can see that there is the ability to restrict file sizes… but then people will have to alter their photo size in order to upload… which they won’t take the extra time and step to do…

    So how does all this content add up… is there a way to purge older files after a certain period of time… or clean up users data… that are no longer active…

    BASICALLY… my question is how do you address the issue of storing data (photo files)

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