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Attempts to open Buddypress messages redirects to home page

  • aresminks


    I have a membership ( site in which my users will communicate with counselors about their mental health issues. I use Buddypress for the profiles and the users communicate using the built in messages. Most of the time there are no problems but random users report that when they click on the subject of a message, instead of opening it, the site redirects them to the home page.

    Here are more details.
    – Only some users report this problem.
    – Most say that if they log into the site on a different device the problem is not there.
    – I’ve logged into the user accounts that reported the problem and I have been unable to recreate the issue. The messages open for me.
    – All say the problem goes away after a time.
    – This did happen on an admin account on an Android phone with Chrome browser. I then logged off and closed the browser. Then I opened an incognito window and logged in and I was able to open the message. After that I opened a regular window and it now worked.

    I’m running Buddypress version 2.8.2

    I’ve tried to explain this problem to some developers and they all ask for a video. I am unable to recreate it but I doubt a video would show anything. Just imagine clicking on the subject of a message only to have the home page load. That’s it.

    I created a couple test user accounts with full membership if that helps for testing purposes.
    testuser1 / Geh!2HlH!9L9P#4%4n)AF(Wa
    testuser2 / Wbt*hS6n8&)RR9nrnyiGZFgu

    Please help. I have angry clients.

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