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Author’s photo on index page

  • I am using the latest version of buddypress can someone tell me how can I show the author’s photo near the title of a post on the index page and on the post page.

    The site I am building doesnt allow users to create their own blogs , but they can post on several of pre-created blogs.

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  • Burt Adsit


    Howdy, looking around in the bp code I found this for ya.

    bp_post_author_avatar(). It’s in the bp-core-templatetags.php file. Looks like it is only useful inside of a wordpress post loop.

    function bp_post_author_avatar() {

    global $post;

    if ( function_exists(‘bp_core_get_avatar’) ) {

    echo apply_filters( ‘bp_post_author_avatar’, bp_core_get_avatar( $post->post_author, 1 ) );

    } else if ( function_exists(‘get_avatar’) ) {




    I don’t see any references to *bp* using this function at all for it’s own purposes. Looks like it was built special for you. :)

    This what you’re looking for?

    Thanks Buddy. Exactly what I was looking for. Anyways thanks. But this does not display the thumbnail .. does it?

    Burt Adsit


    I dunno. I’ve never used that function. Try it out and see what it does.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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