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Author’s questions on BuddyPress

  • Globalsense


    I’m an author, and I’m looking for some wisdom about whether to use BuddyPress 1.5 at my WordPress 3.2.1 website, or whether to explore other options.

    Here is what I want to accomplish in terms of social networking:

    1. Allow readers to find and connect with one another by interest and location.
    2. Enable the formation of reader subgroups, again by interest and location.

    If I do go with BuddyPress, the two main issues then become:

    1. Which are the most stable and visually attractive BP-compliant WordPress themes?
    2. Which of the many BP plugins do I absolutely need to install, consider, or avoid?

    BTW, on the side, here are the other site functions I’ll build with WP and WP plugins:

    1. Allow readers to contribute resources and referrals for use by other readers.
    2. Notify readers of upcoming speaking gigs and workshops.
    3. Post video and audio clips from diverse author events.
    4. Support print book and e-book purchases.
    5. Publish relevant blog postings.
    6. Build an opt-in reader mailing list for education and marketing purposes.

    At this stage I have a very simple WP startup installation to build upon at

    Thanks for any wisdom or referrals you care to offer.

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  • Walid


    well, I just met your post by chance and the word author attracted me to read it, as I’m myself a beginner writer, who have exactly the same combination as you describe, WordPress and buddypress :)
    I can say all you want exactly can be done by buddypress, all that features you mentioned are built-in without any need for plugins, but for few options there is this plugin wanted:

    subscribe2 ( if you don’t have already )
    subscribe to comments ( like in wordpres )

    for the theme, I may suggest the default theme which I use, or the new Frisco theme.
    for media need, of course the new buddypress media or bp-Album

    perhaps other friend can give you more details, have a nice day :)

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