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Auto Create Group

  • edelwater


    Is there somewhere a piece of php code that shows me how to create a group via php?

    What I want is that as soon as someone uses in his text “#whatever” that #whatever turns in a link to a new group “whatever”.

    I think that Twitter’s #’s then nicely align with BuddyPress groups. (and nice to use with rss feed groups fillings)

    It will auto extend my groups and that other groups will be auto-filled with twitter rss feeds from #’s. It means that it can really fast become a copy of twitter :) :)

    I can then use track of the #’s used in a specific group to show “related groups”

    To limit this a bit I could set it so that only #’s from some prime groups create new groups and NOT that #’s from #’s create new groups.

    Hmmm… i think i need to write a plugin for it

    (i think that # in twitter = tag page in wordpress = group in buddypress) (unfortunately tag pages in wordpress do not allow conversations unless on specific posts, maybe with some tweaking of the p2 theme it can) (but groups are nicer).

    (a next step is look for related #’s / tags in delicious/stumbleupon etc… to find a nice set of related tags/groups)

    {what Im trying to achieve is replace my related tags code in my private weblog with a buddypress followup see e.g.: for each tag i display the related tags, for some tags I have created a special layout e.g. what is a next step is to add some conversations and buddy press groups would be cool to somehow mix into that posts with a custom sidebar and heading)

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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