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Autocomplete for @mentions

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    @mentions are great and there are allready some improvements to make it more user friendly by adding the “username” beside the “display name” on the users profile page.

    However it would be great when there could be some autocomplete functionality in BP 1.3 (see Google how Google Buzz does it when you type an “@”)

    For example if i’m on the main activity stream and there is some great discussion going on, i could just type “@” + some characters of the “display name” and in that moment a box with “display name (username)” suggestions would pop up.

    I guess this would encourage people to use the @mentions method more often.

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  • or discourage the ones who like to type their own way…

    i think that feature could be a plugin, no real need to add more javascript to the core… *(2¢ here)

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    To clarify that – u could just type on, no one would force u to use the suggestions. In my opinion Javascript isn’t bad as long as u aren’t forced to have it on in order to use the website. The suggestion box isn’t needed to use @mentions but it would be more user friendly. I only see benefits …

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    +1 for the feature

    core or a plugin, I would <3 to see it

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    Michael Berra


    yep – please!!!

    I don’t know why that should be so hard. Isn’t it exactly the function we already have with private messaging? There it works? Couldn’t it be possible to adapt that functionality as soon as someone types @ with anything in front of it (like an Emailadress)?

    +1 for that!

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    a nice feature to be sure. And it wouldn’tt be that hard to code as a plugin using jquery. another option would be to roll over the display name and get a tool-tip for the username and maybe an easy way to copy ti.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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