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Autocomplete for message not working

  • deanes02


    When I go and send a message the autocomplete symbol comes up but auto complete does not work.

    I can send messages to other users but i need to type there user name in exactly correct – without the aid of autocomplete.

    Also, i can’t send messages to email addresses. Is this correct behaviour?


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  • Mike Pratt


    I can add that, while my Autocomplete works for some members, it does not for others. It doesn’t matter if they are “friends” or not. While you can work around this by going to the profile and sending a message, there is no way to send a message to multiple members if they don’t come up in auto complete



    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I experience the same thing. I thought at first it was simply a ‘friends’ restriction but after successfully adding three auto completes, I checked and one of them is not listed as a friend.

    My instinct is that only those who have written a message or are friends with someone appear in the autocomplete. This follows the Andy P. logic, albeit in a very strange manner, of members creating a footprint on buddypress.

    So I throw that out to the assembled bp’ers here to give it a try. Most of us know who has or has not created a footprint. It’s not a login thing.





    this is clearly a “show-stopper” !

    I hope this issue will be fixed soon and messages will be able to be send to anybody on the platform (whether friend or no friend) with auto-complete-function.

    the way to go is KISS: Keep It Simple & Stupid !

    If you have a bug, report it on with full details of your install, version numbers and steps to reproduce

    BTW this sounds more of an enhancement request/change rather than a bug, especially as per Andy’s comment in the other thread.



    the other confusing thing I see is the following:

    when trying tp send a mail to another user (coming from selecting of the users profile, then clicking on “Send Message”-button, then being at “Compose Message”), we can see a small image of that recipient-user and the recipient-users name and also a kind of “X”-button.

    At the right hand of this username is a field (I mean the box above the field called “Subject”). It is very hard for a user to figure out what is the use of this field. How should he know that he might be able to enter additional usernames into this box ?

    Also, clicking on the “X”-button does not do anything. This might be a bug ??

    Is there any chance to improve this ?



    I’m having a problem with auto complete not working right now. It has never been an issue so I guess since the last upgrade something must’ve gone wrong.

    So whenever I type in a name (friend or no friend) nothing at all happens.

    Are there any ways I can figure out why nothing is happening? Or what could cause this?

    Thanks a lot, this is bugging me quite a lot right now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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