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Avatar cropping (not the usual problems) please read

  • Audiomonk


    Ok, I’ve read so many posts about problems with avatar cropping, it’s mind blowing. None of them seem to describe the problem I’m having.

    Firstly, and not known to me the submit avatar button wasn’t showing just the information about drag and drop. So I fixed that (CSS).

    However once the image is submitted, I get 2 pictures of the uploaded image, with two squares to drag handles on and no crop image button. I posted elsewhere to see if people could solve it, and they told me it was down to two overflow:hidden commands as the culprits, but couldn’t tell me more than that.

    I dug around and found that
    #avatar-crop-pane { margin:0 auto; width overflow:hidden;} line could be altered to overflow:scroll to allow me to scroll down and see the crop image button which works, but only crops a tiny version to the top left of the avatar image. It’s not a solution having to scroll down a small picture to crop, and the result isn’t good.

    I don’t know much CSS at all, I use Yellow Pencil to do my CSS work, but that doesn’t work on the crop screen, it always goes back one to the submit avatar section.

    I guess I could keep going on blindly trying to figure out this mess. My site is huge, and has a lot of plugins, so it’s feasible one could be causing a problem, but it’d be a nightmare trying to work out which one, and they’re all necessary. I can’t even remember what the crop screen should look like now it’s been so long since I saw it.

    In a nutshell then, I get two images to play with both have the draggable square on them. The bottom one I can scroll and click the crop image button, but result is terrible (small version cropped top left of the avatar square).

    The CSS is horrendous, some of it inline, some of it external, some of it minimised, some of it not. I’m on the latest versions of everything, can someone please give me some guidance here.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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