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Avatar Cropping Problem

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    BP 1.2.3 and WP 2.9.2. Searched the forum and couldn’t find a resolution to my particular problem.

    I made my own child theme, and everything runs perfectly except the avatar cropping feature. Two large boxes with my original avatar image appear, and there is no cropping/dashed box to crop with. I tried switching back to BP default theme and the cropping feature worked fine, so it’s not my hosting. I also don’t have any other plug-ins installed.

    It looks to me like the javascript code isn’t dynamically loading into my child theme. Any ideas?

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  • 6020329

    Nevermind. The problem was that I took out some div elements and that was obviously breaking the javascript functions. For future child theme creators, make sure to have all the same div elements in the same place as the BuddyPress Default theme (i.e., “container”, “content”, and (maybe?) “padder”).

    I am having the same problem but I’m using the default buddypress theme and no mu plugin. Tried firefox, ie and chrome to no avail. I do have GD installed on my server, not sure where to go from here.



    I have the same problem, I am experiencing exactly what you described triv, and while I am running a custom child theme, I do have all the default divs in place.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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