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Avatar in activity screen broken

  • Holmey1



    The members avatar at the top of the activity screen is broken, showing a large non placed unfocused image instead of a thunbnail, (see image), can anybody please suggest what may be causing this and a fix.

    Profile Image Screenshot

    Highest regards,


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  • shanebp


    It’s probably something in your theme.

    Confirm by switching to one of the WP themes, like 2013.



    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for getting back to me and I apologise for being vague.

    The problem is that thumbnails are not working for the members profile image and images uploaded via RT media are not clickabke to bring up a light box, with me having this problem since I installed the SSL certificate on the domain.

    I’ve tried switching the theme, (still the same), deactivating all the plugins, (still the same), with me recollecting one of the SSL plugins that I tried having a tick box saying “Disable non SSL thunbnail images – May break some themes, with me remembering trying that to try and get the green triangle and it breaking the site completely, leaving me to have to delete the plugin folder via File Manager to get the site working again. I’ve tried finding that plugin in the WP reposotry where I originally got it from so that I can try unticking this option, (my thinking that when the box was ticked and option saved it overwrote some code somewhere that deleting the plugin at file level hasn’t changed back), but I can’t find it anywhere 🙁

    Does that help more?

    I’d post a link, but it’s only a problem for members that are logged in so you wouldn’t see anything

    Highest regards,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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