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Avatar links not right for offline viewers IMO

  • I’ve been looking, and playing around with different modules to accomplish the following to no avail. As a community music site I want logged in users to click any user avatar and be directed to the users activity stream such as mysite/members/%username%, this works as I like, this is the location that shows the user profile, and the first tab is the personal tab. However, when a person, someone who is not logged in, or who does not have an account to my site, clicks a users avatar. This person needs to be directed to that users mysite/members/%username%/profile url. This is the display area that shows the public tab. This is the part I need to figure out somehow, or another option would be to have the public tab somehow show up on the activity stream display as well. This public tab is what shows all of the extra fields a person can create, and only serves a useful purpose to those first time viewers, and people not registered to my site, such as bio etc, and of course the users themselves. Appreciate any help on this, thanks

    WP 3.0.2 and BP 1.2.6

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