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Avatar & Member Profile Data Not Showing Up

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    I have recently upgraded my site to WordPress. I’m using BuddyPress and s2Member to manage memberships. The BuddyPress part isn’t working properly. People can create a membership, yet nothing shows up for their profile data, nothing shows up for any other members’ profile info if you click on someone else, and the “change avatar” button also is not working for anyone.

    Basically none of the functions are working for profiles – the (should be) interactive screen that has an avatar, “add friend” “mention this user” “send private message”, then underneath has other tabs like “activity” “profile” “friends” “groups”, etc. Underneath that, there is nothing. Also, when those tabs are clicked, sub-functions come up (e.g. if you click on “profile” for your own account, other things come up underneath that say “edit profile” “change avatar”), but none work or show anything on the screen.

    As far as I can tell, I have settings set up correctly in the BuddyPress dashboard area for avatar uploads, etc.

    Desperately seeking answers…thank you in advance.

    More Details –
    Theme: Elbee Elgee
    Other plugins running related to membership: s2Member, bbPress

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