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Avatar Problem with 100 Big One Theme Pack

  • zipnguyen


    hello all,

    So I uploaded the 100 Big Ones Theme Pack from on to my BP+WPMU site at, and it works. I have 100 themes on the site that a member may choose from, but when someone comments on a post, their avatar doesn’t appear. Just a number of the comment. So if it’s the first comment, it will display, “1,” if second comment, then it will display, “2,” so on and so forth, doesn’t even display a “mystery man” avatar.

    I installed the “Avatar” plugin from, and the avatars show up in the comment loop, but this plugin messes up the avatars that would have shown up in the dashboard in the “recent comments” section on the lower left of the dashboard for all users.

    When I use a theme that’s not part of the 100 Big Ones from, like the themes, “Journalist” or “P2” or “Prologue” or basically any other theme I download from, the avatars show up in the comment loop.

    Is there something uniquely different in the 100 Big Ones theme pack from that I have to change to enable it to function like a theme, I would enable similar to Journalist, P2, Prologue, or any other theme I upload on a one-theme-at-a-time basis?



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  • Well, it’s obviously down to each individual theme. In the nicest way possible, I doubt you are going to get anyone here going in to tell you what HTML changes you need to make to each theme to get it to work the way you want. Suggest talking to each theme’s author.



    Nevermind, fixed it. It was a function call. Got help from drmike and Andrewr at, now I have to do this to all 100 themes. Actually, 99 more as of this writing.

    John James Jacoby


    Thank them for us. Case closed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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