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Avatar size issues since BP 1.6

  • sarah_lena


    UPDATE: I’ve moved/reposted this topic, from the “Installing” section of the forum to the “How-To and Troubleshooting”.

    I’m attempting to solve avatar sizing issues that appeared since upgrading to Buddypress 1.6. I’ve read through the previous topics in regards to this, but haven’t seen my particular issue brought up. I am using the Salutation theme, which I know had various upgrade issues for the avatars, but most of them seem to have been addressed by the newest compatibility update Salutation 1.5.2, which I have installed.
    My problem is related to the version of the avatar image that’s being used in the adminbar, as well as in my header, and as avatars in forum topics. In the adminbar, it is pulling the thumbnail avatar (which is 35×35) but trying to display it at 64×64, so it is stretched/blurry. In the member-header, the the avatar is being pulled with bp_displayed_user_avatar( ‘type=full’ ), however the image is the full-35×35 version, stretched to 80×80 via css. The forum post loop is also displaying the full-35×35 avatars, although img html has width and height of 150, and the image is displaying at 80×80 through css. The larger avatar size files do exist, and were showing up properly, prior to the update.
    I’ve tried switching to BP Default theme, and disabling all plugins except Buddypress. I’m very baffled and would greatly appreciate some advice from those who know well the coding of the new BP version. Thank you for your help, and for all the hard work put into creating Buddypress 1.6!

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