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Avatar upload error

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    Every time I upload a new avatar (profile or group), after cropping the image I get banned for 10 minutes by my server – I suspect is the suhosin doing this because I had problems with Wp3 also, after upgrading. In the admin.php of Wp3 there’s a line that should increase the php memory limit and my server doesn’t allow this, for security reasons. I’ve removed that line and Wp3 works fine now, along with Buddypress.
    However, like I’ve said, I’m still getting banned when uploading pics. The photos are cropped and saved, but I’m getting banned for 10 minutes. Now, I don’t want to change the server’s settings (not sure I can, too); instead, I’d like to know if Bp is trying to increase the memory limit for php or to do anything else that may cause this issue.
    Again, this happens after cropping the avatar or group photo and trying to save them. After 10 minutes, I access the page and the photo is there. I have Wp3, Bp the last version, server runs on Centos 5, Apache 2.23, Php 5.1, suhosin and fail2ban installed.
    Also, if it matters, I had the Bp Albums plugin installed and it act the same. It happens every time I try to upload photos, I guess.

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