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Avatar upload issues..

  • Nick Watson


    So I am having trouble allowing my users to upload their avatars, they keep getting a red error message that reads:

    Upload Failed! Error was: The uploaded file could not be moved to the upload folder.

    I thought at first it was just a permissions issue, but I changed the folder “blogs.dir” to 777 and I’m still getting the issue.

    I’ve now pinpointed that the problem is only occurring for the new users that I am adding, so all existing users are able to update their avatars but new users cannot.

    So I talked to my web host and apparently the new users that were created (that have tried to upload avatars), get their directory within the blogs.dir/1/files/avatars just like the old ones (numbered accordingly) but the new users folders are created with a different Owner that the existing users.

    So we were able to change the owners of the new users folders, but now whenever a user is created, their folder is defaulted to a different user, and they can’t upload files.

    The users that CAN upload files have the ftp username as an Owner

    The users that CANNOT upload have the owner “apache”


    any help with this would be great.

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  • Nick Watson


    Okay, I’ve contacted my host again, apparently PHP safe mode was on.

    So if anyone else has the issue, ensure that PHP safe mode is OFF

    Works fine now, and I’m closing this.

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