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Avatars and blog images not displaying

  • Hello,
    I have reviewed the other issues on the forum, and it looks like mine is similar but perhaps slightly different – hence the new topic.

    I am using the last but one version of WordPress (can’t upgrade to 3.1. as I have some theme conflict that is causing a blank page on options-general.php), Buddypress 2.7 on Rackspace hosting with PHP5 etc.

    I have two installs of my site, both from the same database. I used a MYSQL dump, find/replace, and .htaccess rewrites to get my new site working.

    The old site works fine. No problems at all. It writes avatars and blog images to….

    The new site seemed to work ok at first, but if I CTRL+f5 the images they disappear so I guess they were just cached. They are written with the same folder structure as my test site, so…

    The images DO appear in my blogs.dir folder and they have identical filenames in each install.

    I’m guessing the whole MYSQL dump is why I’m seeing these problems. But is there a way to rewrite things to get this working again?

    Sorry if I’m not too clear…I’m new here and perhaps I should have spent more time working out how to state my problem. I hope you will be understanding!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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