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Avatars do not save in IE8+7 and Chrome

  • Warwick Booth


    I have a site running WordPress (3.3.1) and BuddyPress(1.2.8)

    The problem we are experiencing is on registration and changing the avatar via the profile it doesn’t save. You click the “Upload Avatar” button an get taken to the crop screen fine. But when saving from the crop screen back to the “Sign up complete step” or “the change avatar step” it saves a default avatar. It saves fine in FF.

    WordPress has been set to MultiSite. I have noticed that in IE and Chrome the site seems to cache pages. Even though we have disabled all kinds of caching. The site has been locked off to outside users only displaying a tabbed login box. If you need access to see I can create a user on our demo server.

    Here is the link to the phpinfo.php file for the server.

    I have also cloned the Groups module into a Company module. ( but i tested with a fresh unalted copy of bp and its still didnt work in IE or Chrome.)

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