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avoid potential overloading

  • mewrd


    I’m using buddypress to build a dating website.

    estimated Members -6000,estimated visitors per day 500-600.

    Major part of this website will be a kind of matching questionnaire ,
    each time you or other member answer a question a constantly updating list of your best matches (from all the members), will be displayed in the questionnaire page in the website .

    That means a lots of simultaneous database connections /requests.

    now I was told by a colleague that developing such questionnaire plugin for wordpress /buddypress is a big mistake.

    • First because processing all this data in real time, meaning answers sent to database ,compared ,calculated and send back to the page will exceed the server capacity very soon.
    • Second because each request Invokes loading of the whole WordPress (wp-load.php).

    His solution was to manage all the calculations outside wordpress like in some kind of SOAP web service,
    My question is simple:
    how to avoid overloading in this plugin and is webservice really the solution?

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  • shanebp


    Your question is not simple 🙂

    re First: I don’t think a webservice will reduce the load

    re Second: each request does Not require reloading WP

    Since you’re generating and processing the requests ‘locally’, using a webservice might slow things down, depending on the setup of your servers.

    This is different from what you’re doing, but might be helpful:
    For member searching, some clients want to include radial results based on zip codes.
    So I create a separate database for zip data and do the processing outside WP and then return the results ( zips within the radius) for further processing within WP ( find matching zips).
    It’s fast and easy to maintain.



    hi shanebp thank you for your reply, so if i understand you correctly :

    you do think there is a good chance that plugin like this will cause a problem of overload ?
    and one solution is to add another databse just for the questionnaire?



    Yes the plugin will use a lot of resources, in the form of spikes.

    A lot depends on the amount of resources you have available.

    From what you’ve written, it seems that the ‘load’ would come from creating matches based on the questionnaire, not from the actual questionnaire. So storing those answers in another database probably may not help much. And you don’t state whether you’re saving match data.

    If you want real-time matching based on interaction with a questionaire, then the only way to find out re performance is to write something and load test it.

    You’ll probably find that waiting until a user has completed the questionaire or even a page of it – and then providing matches will be more feasible on a setup with fewer resources.

    Good luck.



    i guess thats what i will do, use some kind of cron proccess,thank you again,have a good day:)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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