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avtar and chat not working

  • mayur hotkar


    Avtar upload error
    Personal chat doesn’t works
    Avtar error- please upload a jpg png gif format image
    I do so but every time same error
    Chat error- your msg couldn’t b send
    Plz help
    In have made a social networking site
    My users how register r nt able to even upload a pic like we
    do on facebook
    N how to create albums as we create on Facebook

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  • @mayur-hotkar please now stick to this one thread.

    As I mentioned in this response, there is a need to read the stickies so you know what information to provide and how to run basic troubleshooting to establish where problems broadly lie.

    You need to perform some basic steps to establish – again as I mentioned – whether the avatar issue is a server permissions issue rather than application issue.

    You need to check whether you can correctly upload media to the WP library or whether attempting to throws a error, if it throws an error then likely your server isn’t allowing files to be written to directories, if that all works as expected, then you need to look to plugins and/or custom themes causing the problem, to check this enable a theme known to work with BP e.g twentythirteen, if avatars work then you have an issue with the theme, if they don’t start disabling any plugins that aren’t required for normal BP operation.

    As for ‘Personal Chat’ that sounds like a third party plugin? We can’t really support plugin issues and in respect of this we don’t really have sufficient detail to guess at a possible reason, although JS is a likely culprit,, but changing themes and disabling plugins should establish that for you.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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