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Backend vs Frontend posting

  • brianbattenfeld


    New to buddypress, but have been developing with wordpress lightly for a few years now. I’m trying to figure out if there’s any differentiation between a buddypress “status update” and a regular old wordpress post, other than buddypress doesn’t show all options that wordpress’ backend would. I’d basically like the users to have the full ability(or almost) of posting from the wordpress backend (insert media, categorize etc), but to be able to do it from their buddypress profile pages. I’m building a community networking site for media professionals, so video and image posts are going to be a necessity.

    Posting from frontend and backend with buddypress seem to have the same result, but inserting things like images and categorizing posts is missing from the former.

    I may be over-complicating the whole thing, but if I used one of the wordpress’ “post form frontend” style plugins to replace the status update form provided by the buddypress theme, should this accomplish what I’m looking for?

    Thanks in advance to any replies. I’m interested in any sort of information on the subject.

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