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Bad URL for BuddyPress pages

  • cpnet


    I’m pretty new to WordPress and BuddyPress (I’m more familiar with .NET stuff). I’m struggling getting a new BuddyPress site set up. I’m just testing on a local machine for now, and using WebMatrix 3 to set up a test WordPress site (web matrix installs 3.5.0 I believe). I then do all the WordPress updates which brings me up to 3.5.2. After that, I’ve made 2 separate attempts to get BuddyPress working. In one case I tried installing BuddyPress directly (1.7 I think). In the other case, I tried installing Commons in a Box (and I end up with BuddyPress 1.7 again).

    I’ve tried using the “Twenty Twelve”, “BuddyPress Default” and “Commons in a Box” Themes. I’ve tried various settings for Permalinks.

    The rendered pages all seem to have URL’s like: “http://localhost:SomePort/activate/” or “http://localhost:SomePort/Members” when pointing at BuddyPress component pages. However, the pages’ actual permalinks seem to be “http://localhost:SomePort/index.php/Members” or “http://localhost:SomePort/index.php/activate”, etc. (i.e. the permalink includes “index.php” in the path).

    I’ve tried the BuddyPress ‘repair’ button that comes after the “The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Activity Streams, User Groups, Members” message. I created a new blank page for each corresponding component and assigned it. When I click the [View] button beside each, the URL used is something like “http://localhost:SomePort/index.php/register”. However when I view the live site, the URL that actually gets rendered for the registration page is “http://localhost:SomePort/register” (it’s still missing the index.php file in the path.

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