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Basic changes to BuddyPress colours (or colors if you like)

  • wpmirwin



    I am using a completely vanilla BuddyPress Template pack on top of my Theme. It is working just fine the way it is, but I really want to change a few colours.

    1). The blue colour around the number of Messages, Friends and Groups.

    2). The sand/beige-ish colour that is the backround for “Active n minutes ago”, and for when you click on something like Messages, and you have none – “Sorry, no messages were found.”

    That’s it. if somebody could let me know the best way to accomplish this, I would really appreciate it (i.e. the appropriate css, and the best place to put the css for buddypress mods).


    P.s. I’m having a hard time searching the support forum. If I put some key words into the search filter, all I get back is the recent blog posts. i.e. “BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 happening now!”. Maybe it’s intentional to not allow the forum to be searched (to reduce load on the server?)

    Anyway, If someone could also help with how to search the forum, that would be great too! Thanks!

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  • wpmirwin


    Ok.. I finally realized that all of the css for my “template pack” install of BuddyPress is being driven from the bp-template-pack plugin… crap. bp.css file is right there, and it contains everything I was looking to change. I copied this css into my child theme, turned off the template pack css, and everything is going well.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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