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  • ccarrin2


    Hello everyone! I have downloaded the bbpress plugin too many times to count. Everytime I download the plugin nothing happens to my site. So I go to my DIRECTORIES where it says

    “Associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory.”

    So I make a forum page, link it to the buddypress forum then click save. Once I click save I can no longer access that webpage. ex: – Try to click “Discussion Forums”

    But if I make a topic through my dashboard I can see the topic ex:

    Where am I going wrong? If you’re not sure can you atleast tell me what steps do you take after activating the bbpress plugin because I must be doing something wrong everytime! Thank you

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  • eastsidecindy


    You are using site wide forums, correct? I have the same problem.



    Yes site wide forums! I’ve installed and activated over and over and over again with no success. I wish someone who has accomplished this can just take two seconds and right down the steps they take to create a bbpress site wide forum b/c I must be missing something minor

    Paul Gibbs


    You’re using both group forums and site-wide forums. Either rename the page you’ve assigned to the BuddyPress component so its link isn’t “forums”, or look into “Settings > Forums” in wp-admin; there’s an text box option that defaults to ‘forums’ (change it).



    correct, I use both group forums and site wide forums. I have renamed the page assigned to buddypress to “group discussion” the forums for buddypress appears fine. just the one from site-wide doesn’t work. page only displays a title. I’ve created multiple forums for site-wide forums, individual forum works fine as well. just this forums page doesn’t



    I am having the same problem. It seems it is a permalink problem. In my buddypress/pages, the pages that doesn´t work is “discussion forum” ( I only use site-wide forum ) and page “register”. Alle the other pages work fine. The pages are created in the same way, but the two that doesn´t work link back to my home page all the time.

    I have changed the name in the “Settings > Forums” in wp-admin; where there’s an text box option that defaults to ‘forums’ but I still have the same problem…I have deleted the BP plugin, reinstalled and tried again, but no luck.

    If someone could just make a step by step tutorial to how this is done in the right way, or maybe it exists already…I would be happy to see it :-)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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