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Batch enable forums

  • (Weird, I tried twice to post this earlier and while the topic created, it says “There are no posts for this topic.”. The irony… :) Anyway, here I go again:)

    I’m getting the “There was an error when creating the topic” error message when I’m trying to post on some of my groups. Looking at the database, there’s no forum_id set on the wp_bp_groups_groupmeta table, nor there’s a bbPress forum for these groups.

    If I manually disable and re-enable forums for an affected group, then it starts working fine, and the forum_id is added and the bbpress forum is created.

    The problem is I can’t do this manually for all the groups, since I have a HUGE number. Over 100k. Is there a way of enabling forums in batch? Or perhaps wipe the current forums and re-install them, forcing BP to create forums again for every single group (I don’t mind losing the current forum content). I tried the re-install function on the control panel and it didn’t make a difference. The old forum tables are still there, and the problem groups still don’t have a forum.

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  • Virtuali


    Tell ALL your group administrators to do this in their group to make the forums work properly. If there is over 100K groups, you must have a LOT of group owners, or, 90% of them are spam groups.

    If they are spam, you must go in and delete them all.

    There are no spam groups, and I’m the only admin for all of them. There is no way this could be done manually, hence looking for another way.

    Enabling a group forum just sets, if I remember, a group meta value. You could set those on with a SQL query.

    There’s the enable_forum field on the bp_groups table. All of my groups have this set to 1. But changing this doesn’t actually create a forum for the groups that don’t have one. It just enables the “Forum” tab for that group, and I get the error message if I try to post.

    Disabling and enabling the forums from the front end not only changes the enable_forum field, but it also creates a bbPress forum and sets the corresponding forum_id.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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