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  • SRD75


    There is no search function in the support forums I can see anywhere on the page, so apologies if this has been posted before. The search boxes at top right only search latest news.

    At the top of Buddy Press > Forums, it says “The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Discussion Forums.” Clicking Repair does not resolve this.

    In Buddy Press > Forums > Install Site Wide Forums, it says BBpress 2.0.2 is already installed.
    In Buddy Press > Forums > Forums for Groups > Use Existing Installation, it asks for the location of bb-config.php, but this is not found in the site root, or anywhere in /plugins/bbpress

    I’d prefer to use Sitewide forums, whether it be with BBpress or native Buddypress, I don’t mind.

    Do you know how to resolve this? Thanks.

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  • Boris


    Create a page called forums, or discusssions or whatever you like (if you haven’t already), then go to the BP pages settings and chose the page you created for your forums component. Save and all sshould be good.

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