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bbPress 2.1 and BuddyPress 1.6 beta 2 Group Forums

  • Jeaz



    As far as I understand, BP1.6 bring support for bbPress 2.x, is that correct?

    I tested it myself and it works to some degree. bbPress recognizes that BuddyPress is installed and ask if group forums should be used and which forum should be parent.
    If I go to a group admin, it allows me to create a forum (although I must confess that I don’t understand the reason why the parent has to be a forum and not a category, but nvm).
    The forum is created and you can find it under the normal forum hierarchy.

    However, if you go back to the group and look under forums, it says the group doesn’t have any forums. Also, the posts in the forum does not register as activity in the forum.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that in the settings for BP it still refers to bbPress 1.x when trying to use an existing forum for setup.

    Finally, is it or will it, be possible to move already created forums into the BuddyPress group forums, once they work that is.

    Good job though, really looking forward to 1.6 live.

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  • Technically, it’s the other way around: bbPress 2.1 supports BuddyPress for Group Forums (but **only** if you deactivate the Group Forums component).

    You can use the bbPress 1.1 convertor that comes with bbPress 2 (it’s under the Tools menu) to move your content from old bbPress to new bbPress.

    If the forum doesn’t appear in the BuddyPress group, it’s probably best to feed this back to the bbPress team on the forums.



    Marvelous. This thing is going to keep me stuck with bbpress+buddypress (for how long? I have no clue). bbpress new version is deeply integrated into buddypress provided Buddypress group forums is disabled and uninstalled.

    go to bbpress forums and creat a new forum or category and in the bbpress settings select it as the group forums base. At the moment you cannot have more than one forum or a category for a group. I hope things will change.
    And also it promises changing things wont erase previously owned stuff. (Dont forget to check whether “Forums” in the “Settings” or “Component” tab (I dont remember where it is) of Buddypress is unchecked)



    And also all the bbpress plugins like bbpress topic location and bbcode are well served within groups. I wonder why these buddypress guys dont cater it at first place (bbpress 2.0) without tweaking an old version. Burgess Hills must be under heavy rain or bbpress raining on buddypress’s parade?

    Both bbPress + BuddyPress dev teams wanted to do more integration, but basically ran out of time to get into the 2.1/1.6 releases, respectively. I think multiple forums, or sharing the same forum across multiple groups, and updating the BuddyPress admin screens to remove mention to the old ‘group forums’, are examples of this thing. We’ll get them in future versions.

    If you’re asking why bbPress 2 hasn’t been integrated into Groups until now, but that bbPress 1.x was, it’s simply because bbPresss 2 is a new plugin. We’ve had the old bbPress 1.x integration into Groups for at least 3 years now. :)

    And yes, it’s pretty wet here — though very dry compared to the rest of the country, where flash floods keep happening.



    What you recommend?
    should I uninstall buddypress’s default installation and go for bbpress 2? And also another thing noteworthy is if you use bbpress as group’s forums you can simply import and export forums, topics and replies easily



    Hmm, I’m a wee bit confused.

    I had a bbPress 2.0 installation which had been used for some time when we added BuddyPress. I’m now using bbPress 2.1 and BuddyPress 1.6 beta. I can create a forum form the Group admin tool and you can find the forum within the index and activity within it is listed under each users activity.

    But, in the group section, it says there’s no forum, and no activity is listed. But is this an issue with bbpress rather than bp?

    Edit: if I create a new group and add a forum to it in the process, it works. It’s only already existing groups where it doesn’t work.

    @johnjamesjacoby Have you seen this issue with bbPress 2.1 before?



    Thanks for your comments here @jeaz, @newpress and @PaulGibbs They really helped me out and confirmed that I wasn’t just being really stupid! Yes, I concur with you, I’m getting the same issues you raise above with WP 3.4.1, bbPress2.1 and BP1.6RC1

    It’s looking like the new forums will be excellent and useful, so many thanks to all the developers. But at the moment the forum admin between BP and bbP has a some limiting bugs and is also confusing to me. I’d like to help out by testing but, for me at least, I feel that it is best to wait until the developers have another crack at the integration first.



    I am building a fresh BuddyPress site and am still at the testing phase. I have the luxury of blowing it out and starting all over. I have tried probably 20+ combinations of BuddyPress 1.5.6, BuddyPress 1.6 RC-1, “BuddyPress Ready” themes, standard themes + template pack, bbPress lite set up via BP install as group forums, bbPress 2.1 set up as sitewide forums during the BuddyPress install, and bbPress 2.1 set up as BP group forums but not through the BP setup.. Whew… This makes my head hurt :)

    My current, and I hope final combination:

    WordPress 3.4.1
    BuddyPress 1.6 RC-1
    Genesis Framework + BuddyPress Theme Pack *
    bbPress 2.1 Installed after the BuddyPress Install and set up to support BP group forums

    *(I tried their GenesisConnect plugin, but get closer to right by using the BuddyPress Theme Pack

    All is well except I need the group forums to go full width (no sidebar). If I could tweak some code and make the sidebar for group forums go away I would be a happy camper.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this!

    Link to Site:




    I navigated to your site… I have a question with regard to the implementation of the group forum: In your Gun Chick topic, I see that it includes a video. It does not look like a Youtube or Vimeo video where you posted a link. Was this video uploaded to the Media Library? What I really would like to know is if you are using a plugin to allow group members to easily uploaded video? If so, what plugin? Thanks!


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