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bbPress and BuddyPress (the fun continues)

  • Nate


    Can someone explain the difference between BuddyPress site-wide forums (bbPress), and if you installed bbPress first and THEN installed BuddyPress?

    Here’s my quandary: I want to use the voting-widget plugin. But they only support BuddyPress bbPress site-wide forums. The plugin won’t work, because I installed bbPress first THEN BuddyPress.

    I have over 5,000 posts and almost 1,000 users. I’m sure this is a database issue.

    If anyone has any suggestions to get these two to work more harmoniously without losing that data, that would be just awesome.

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  • danbp


    If you installed bbpress on WP, you have a standalone forum configuration ! So no matter if you installed it before BuddyPress. 😉

    Have you group forums ?

    What is the not working voting-widget plugin you speak about ? Give an URL please.

    What BP/WP version do you use ?
    What is your theme ?



    Here’s the plugin:

    The developer said: “seems like you are using the standalone version of bbPress … we only support BuddyPress’es bbPress forums.”

    I don’t have any group forums, as they’re not necessary. Using most recent version of WP & BP under Woo’s Canvas theme. Thanks!



    The author answer means that the plugin works only with group forums ?!!!

    So you have to search another rating widget who works with bbPress or create it yourself or to configure your buddypress to use group forums instead of a standalone forum.

    But as bbP is fully post typed, have you tried to use the plugin’s shortcode ?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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