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Bbpress / Budddypress combination

  • carasse64



    I have decided to add a bbpress forum to my buddypress site because it allows to sort, archive and retrieve easily threads. In fact, when a user posts a question in the “what’s new” text box in buddypress and when other users comment this post, the thread quickly diseappears under the newsfeed activity. So, it becomes impractical to retrieve this interesting thread later. That’s why I prefer to prevent the users from posting anything on the newsfeed page and to force them to create a forum topic to launch a discussion.

    With a bbpress forum, the topics and the different forums allow to have a look easily on every topics created and it is very simple to search any type of topic with the search feature.

    So, to get a perfect combination of Buddypress and Bbpress, I am trying to get the next features :

    1. Disable the “Comment” button when a forum topic is displayed on the newsfeed = we can configure it in the buddypress general settings = OK.

    2. I would like to allow the user to directly reply to the topic by clicking on the comment reply button. Actually, if he clicks on this button he just will be able to commment the activity. It would be great if by clicking he could reply to the topic.

    The new link for the comment reply button would be the direct link to reply the topic.

    I also would like to change “Comment” tab by “Reply” tab.

    3. Hide the “what’s new” text box at the top of the newsfeed page = I did it with css/display=none. I have created instead a “new topic” button in a widget.

    4. When a user creates a buddypress group, a forum should be automatically created with the same name as the group (the user can’t choose if he wants to create a forum or not). Is it possible to force that ?

    5. When a user creates a new topic from a buddypress group forum, the “Create new topic” button should create a new topic directly in the group linked to the forum. Is it possible to force that ?

    6. Once a new topic is created, when you push the “Submit” button, you should be linked to the newsfeed page to see how the topic you have just created is displayed on the newsfeed and not to the forum index page.

    I hope you understand all what I mean with my poor english. I have contacted the theme’s author (BuddyX/Webcom design) but they answered they can not help me. Bbpress support advised me to post here.

    Do you think it is possible to configure such features ?

    Thanks a lot.


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  • shanebp


    Those items can be accomplished but the solutions are beyond the scope of these forums.
    If you cannot write the necessary code, you will need to hire an experienced BP developer.



    How to create combined notifications?

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