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bbPress creates a back door

  • From what I can tell, *anyone* can register for an account to your BuddyPress site if they navigate directly to the directory where bbPress lives. This is even if you have “Allow new registrations” disabled in your WPMU site admin. Apparently bbPress doesn’t have a way to turn off new registrations (or at least I am not seeing it).

    I’ve tried password protecting the forum directory, but that breaks forums.

    I’ve read about hacks to disable registrations, but I fear that also will break the forums. (though, for the record, I’m not against implementing hacks.)

    Any ideas?

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  • Don’t fear. Just change the register.php form in your bbPress template to not have the registration form in it and replace it with a link to your register form on your WPMU install. There are quite a few threads on the bbPress forums about this. If you use the default theme, copy folder to /my-plugins/ and then adjust the theme. That way it won’t break when you upgrade.


    David Bisset


    That’s good to know, Trent. I won’t frequent the bbPress forums, and almost relying on my BuddyPress community here for any bbPress+BuddyPress tips. Nice to know we have a bbPress pro in the house. <end kissing butt>



    Just for future reference, here’s the best post I’ve found there:




    Or you can simply use a 301 redirect to redirect your forum to your sites groups page

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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