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BBPress Integration

  • Mark Leonard


    Hi I have been away from the forums for some months and I can not find an answer to my problem.

    I recently managed to integrate bbpress and buddypress but there are still some issues that I am concerned about.

    Buddypress groups have forums now.

    I can not post in the group forum and I get (There was an error posting that topic.) in a red bar accross the top of the post.

    On bbpress when I click on a forum I get taken to

    and on arrival to this page it says

    Sorry, that page was not found

    The page you were looking for was not found.

    The other thing is that if I login to bbpress which logs me into buddypress and I try to access the admin of buddypress it asks for login again even though I am allready logged in.

    So it seems that the login bar on buddypress shows me logged in but I am actually not

    Has anyone come accross this.

    Mark Leonard

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  • Mark Leonard


    I also now found that My main blog does not post to /blog it posts to the .com/ hense it does not appear where it should.

    It appears in the activity feed and recent blog posts.

    Can anyone help with that?

    Mark Leonard

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