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bbPress Integration

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    I read somewhere that you were planning on this, Andy, but I just wanted to throw this out onto the new forums for further discussion.

    If I remember correctly (better not quote me on this) that you were planning on having a generic forum for the entire site, as well as group specific ones. Great idea–kind of like Facebook.

    I just had a few questions on how this would work, exactly. Would there be two or three installations, one for the “site forum”, and one with a bunch of categories for the different groups? Or would be it be on one forum with some others hidden?

    Really looking forward to the release. Good luck!


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  • I’ve talked with Sam a bit about this, and it seems the best way to do it would be to include one installation with every BuddyPress install.

    With one installation, a single forum could be generated for each new group created. I’m not sure about a “global” forum yet, but I assume the same could be done for that too.

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    Matt Kern


    Also, will the bbpress dashboard be in the buddypress dashboard? Meaning, not 2 seperate installations?

    Thanks a bunch.


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    Until the bbPress integration is fully done with BuddyPress I just integrated bbPress with WPMU. I’d speculate that the global forum should actually be the easiest to implement since bbPress can already integrate with MU’s user tables.

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    Mike Pratt


    I am new to bbPress but not WP and have BuddyPress moving along nicely. If BP already has forums for each group then why do we need bbPress? Added forum functionality vis a vis a replacement of the BP forums or do both coexist side by side in BP?

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    Burt Adsit


    wpmu/bp and bbpress exist together side-by-side. wpmu/bp doesn’t have a forum. Well, it does: bbpress. ;)

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    Mike Pratt


    If this insatll scheme that Andy speaks of is done…an included insatll with a forum generated for each group, is it safe to think that existing forums and post data will not be rendered moot and will nicely transfer over…if need be?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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