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bbPress not installing properly after BP Install

  • Erwin


    Hello, I’m a little frustrated. I have installed the BP plugin for WP and it is wonderful but the fact that Forums are tied to groups and their use is very limited compared to a standalone installation is “crappy” to say the least.

    After trying out the new bbPress installation and not liking it at all, I decided to uninstall it by deleting all of its files from the directory and drop all the bp_bb_ database tables. I now have a new problem:

    I downloaded bbPress to set up a standalone install and integrate it to WP. When I install it and follow the directions, everything gets installed properly, including new database “bb_” tables, but I am redirected to login at “wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bbpress/bb-login.php” instead of “forum/bb-login.php.” I can go to and I’ll see the login fields on the top of the page and a “Page not found! I’m sorry, but there is nothing at this URL.” error. When I log in I am taken to “” with a very much BLANK page.

    I assume this is a config.php error but I’m all out of ideas. Help :'( Thank you

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