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bbpress shortcode not compatible with Hidden & Private Group Forums

  • Garrett Hyder



    I’ve found recently that using the bbpress shortcode for embedding a single forum ([bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id]) works find if you have a Group with a Public Forum.
    However if you have the Forum set to Hidden the shortcode simply doesn’t render anything.
    And if you have the Forum set to Private the shortcode renders but the Topics list doesn’t get added instead it displays the no topics message but you can clearly see above in the activity notice that there’s been several topics created.

    To work around this limitation I’ve simply made all the forums public, placed into a Forum Group that’s hidden. And made their Groups Private so that the forums are still hidden from the world and only accessible through the group and the page I’ve embedded on it.

    Wanted to raise to see if there was a better approach or if this was an issue with the BBPress and Buddypress integration.

    Thank you

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  • fullmoonfriday


    I have come across the same issue recently. Seems still to be the default. Did you find anything else to resolve this? Otherwise I guess it is a custom code job to get hidden and private group forums to be showing on a users profile.

    Garrett Hyder


    Hi @fullmoonfriday,

    At the time I was able to just work around it as described by keeping the forum public but placing it into a Private Group and having the Groups Forum (parent) hidden.

    Anyway I’ve recently updating WP/BP/BBP and attempted to reproduce.
    When the forum is hidden it still doesn’t render anything which may be intended as it’s ‘hidden’.
    When the forum is private I am now getting the shortcode to render properly and in full. So it appears the issue where a private forum is embedded through shortcode and only renders the ‘No Topics’ message has been resolved.

    This is good in my case at least since I can now switch all my forums back to private.
    As to the hidden forum not rendering, I’m unsure if it should be displaying anything or not.

    So at the very least you can avoid hidden and stick to private groups. But if you require hidden as well will either need custom coding. Or you might want to open up a trac ticket to push the issue to bp-dev team.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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