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bbpress standalone in activity stream

  • Arturo


    hi, i’ve a bbpress 1.0.2 (standalone) with WP (2.9.1) and BP (latest trunk) i want to show on activity stream the new discussions, replies etc from bbpress, like this site (see homepage)

    how can i do?

    Thanks for all the replies!

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  • berchman


    hi Arturo,

    I don’t see a link to your example. Can you post it?

    Just to clarify you have BuddyPress (latest trunk) running with a standalone WordPress 2.9.1 (NOT MU) and BBPress 1.0.2?




    i’ve it locally, so no demo online, sorry

    Does the “use existing install” button on the BuddyPress wp-admin backend (under ‘forum setup’, or something), not do the job?



    Just to clarify you have BuddyPress (latest trunk) running with a standalone WordPress 2.9.1 (NOT MU) and BBPress 1.0.2?

    I am looking at doing this. Just need to know.

    Any advice?




    @DJPaul, i don’t want the “group forum” i want a “standard” forum like this in bporg but with the activity on the forum in the stream activity.

    I haven’t tested the use existing install, but after my word do you think this work for my project?

    @berchman, the latest trunk of bp support wp 2.9.1 (not mu) so download the latest trunk and install it on your normal wp, it’s easy! ;)


    , I tried your suggestion, but if the forum is used for the groups you can not use that function. So, i’ve the a bbpress integrated with bp for group’s forum and a bbpress standalone (with other table) for a “normal” forum… Other suggestions?

    I don’t think there was anything special you had to do back in the BP 1.0 days. User authentication/cookies was a bit of a pickle, and there were a pair of plugins which hid forums you didn’t belong to (or similar).

    I am not sure specifically with regards to the forum component, but all the deprecated code is being moved to a seperate plugin. I wonder if this method of forum installation would use some of that deprecated code (and it not being in trunk anyway, which would explain why it doesn’t work for you). I’ll ping a couple of guys and see if we can figure it.

    John James Jacoby


    The backpat plugin is only going to support the 1.1 branch of code, and not the dual theme massive integration headache that came before it.

    To have the activity stream update when you post a topic or post a reply, bbPress would need a special plugin to be made, and/or bbPress would need to be “deeply” integrated with WordPress/BuddyPress to have those functions natively available.

    The other thing you could do is look into previous versions of BuddyPress that included that kind of support. In BP 1.0 it was assumed that if you wanted forums, that you were using the voo-doo magic method of integrating things.

    Thanks John, this might be a good plugin idea (a forum not attached to a specific group) or something to think about adding support for back into the core post 1.2?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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