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bbPress Subscribe button breaks when BuddyPress enabled + JS disabled?

  • jonf3n


    [This is a repost as my first post seems to be corrupted, cannot be edited and doesn’t display on the site]

    Hello, I am seeing an issue where the BuddyPress plugin seems to be breaking the forum “Subscribe” / “Unsubscribe” links on bbPress. Strangely, it works if JS is enabled (and therefore XHR is used), but does nothing if JS is disabled and the embedded link[1] is used. It just reloads the same page without actually changing the subscribed / unsubscribed state with no errors.


    • I have tested this with all other plugins disabled.
    • Disabling the BuddyPress plugin causes both to work correctly.
    • Tried enabling / disabling all combinations of Buddypress bp-components with no effect.

    I upgraded both plugins and PHP to the latest versions:

    PHP: 7.4.10
    Wordpress: 5.5.1
    Theme: Divi 4.6.5 (tried others like twentytwenty 1.5)
    bbPress: 2.6.5
    BuddyPress: 6.3.0


    • Are there any known issues I should look into?
    • Any suggestions where to look for debugging? I have WP_DEBUG enabled, but nothing useful in logs. I have tried using Query Monitor plugin, but its a bit unclear where to start looking.

    NOTE: I am new to WordPress and its plugin architecture, but have extensive HTML/CSS/JS/bash shell experience and am comfortable in PHP.

    Thanks in advance!


    [1] Embedded subscribe link which fails: /forum/FORUMNAME/?action=bbp_subscribe&object_id=361&object_type=post&_wpnonce=XXXXXXX

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