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  • cloudinstone


    Is it possible to make better html structure and naming convention for bp nouveau template? The current naming is so confusing and make headache.

    1. friendship button even insert a div tag to ul list after click button.

    2. confusing naming everywhere. for example:

    a member list:
    =.list-wrap (Shouldn’t it be .item-wrap)
    =====list-title (Shouldn’t it be .item-title)
    =====-meta action (Shouldn’t it be .item-actions)

    There are a bunch of other bugs seems that only people who have only learned front-end development for a week will make. I don’t intend to offend, but to be honest, the BuddyPress default theme and the WordPress default theme are not at the same level. I can always learn a lot from the WordPress default theme and improve my skills, but the BuddyPress default theme is simply terrible.

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