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Before I use BP, why not SocialEngine or Peepso?

  • glenndavis007


    Hello everyone.

    I stated in a post earlier this week, I was moving from Peepso to BP. The Peepso version was free, not paid. In the past few days, my needs in this area have changed. What would be very helpful is to have a platform where everything worked (chat, videos, photos, groups, ads, extended profiles, polls, etc) and did not require a lot of maintenance. I’m becoming much more busier than expected from hearing our family businesses are growing.

    Peepso offered me a $200 for everything, annual cost. I can integrate my Divi theme with it (yay!). It has a good core product, but functionality seems to be limited.

    SocialEngine runs on MySql/PHP which I know zero about. It’s core product is about $600 annually. They promote it as a very response platform with lots of 3rd party apps, and new developments in the pipeline.

    I need chat, video, groups, photos and albums, extended profiles, polls, news areas, activity feeds, etc. Also, I need something that is mobile responsive!

    I’m fairly good with WP and Divi so BP doesn’t scare me. I don’t know the direction to take. Spending lots of money on an untested community is not a step I want to take.

    This post is not intended to be negative towards BP or this community. From all that I have read, the support here has been phenomenal.

    If an experienced voice can step in, then I would be grateful. Maybe a phone/Skype call would be helpful.

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  • Venutius


    Hi Glenn,

    I’ve never tried Peepso or Social Engine, so I@m not speaking from a point of balance. I have tried other dedicated hosted platforms such as Ning though so I do have some wider experience.

    I think your issues can be boiled down into two areas: Maintenance, and features.

    Any WordPress site, any site for that matter is going to require maintenance the main question is who does that maintenance, how well is it done and how quickly new issues can be resolved.

    With a WordPress/BuddyPress installation I’d say that the level of maintenance that you yourself have to do (or pay for) is going to be higher than with peepso. Much depends on what features your add to the basic installation, in my experience in general WP and BP updates are solid and cause few issues, it’s usually the other plugins that can cause issues (prime eample recently was a SiteOrigin Page Builder update that wrecked my front page and they did not fix it for several months).

    My expectation with Peepso is that what you sacrifice in the way of variety of options available to you I’d hope that in return the options you do get will be reasonably well integrated with each other and less likely to cause conflicts resulting in feature or site loss that you would need to take a hand in resolving. The downside is if you find there are specific feature you need, or issues that are not getting resolved, you have few alternatives to go to, you may find yourself stuck.

    I once had a paid hosted site costing $50 per month which pretty much ground to halt and the provider refused to see the problem. It made me feel pretty helpless and it was the reason I moved to BuddyPress – I figured the money I saved on hosting I could use to fund feature additions to the basic BP setup.

    Anyway getting back to the point, so I reckon peepso will be less maintenance but with less features, and this brings me on to the second point – features.

    I think it would probably be a good idea to map out exactly which features you want in quite some detail and see how that drives your thoughts. For example you say you want video, would this be you hosting the video files or libraries of YouTube style embeds? Would you need group galleries, user galleries, sitewide gallery etc?

    Here’s what I tend to use:

    Chat – IfyChat – free version limited to 10 concurrent users but an excellent chat engine
    Video/photos/audio – Either MediaPress or rtMedia, rtMedia is more stylish but add-ons are quite expensive.
    Groups/xprofiles, activity, friends – BuddyPress.
    News areas – probably more general workpress based solutions for this, are you thinking RSS feeds from other sites or internal news (could be done with a simple News category?).
    Polls – never really looked at polls, I note there is this – for starters, looks interesting but I’ve not tried it.

    Regarding supporting mobile, BP is coming out with a new theme – BP Nouveau, this has options for vertical menus which I think will be a lot more mobile friendly.

    The bulk of being mobile friendly comes down to the theme you are using and whilst most are responsive these days I personally find that having a mobile responsive theme is not good enough for phones, what I do is run a second mobile specific theme and use a theme switcher to detect and switch themes.

    Another point to bear in mind with BP is that there are a great many plugins that help you choose how your site is going to work, there’s a range of plugins that change the may notifications and email subscriptions work. This is a benefit of BP, but it does also increase the plugin count.



    @venutius that poll plugin is very old and not working, their codes are 6-year old
    You can check

    I have also created a couple of add-ons for PeepSo recently like bbPress integration, wpForo integration, LifterLMS Integration.
    You can ask for any plugin suggestion, and we will guide you a best available solution for it, and you can pick which one fits your site entirely.

    For Gallery Solution, You can check for rtMedia or MediaPress; both have the similar features.



    Chat – BP Better Mesage :replaces the standard message system BuddyPress supports attachments (video including) and smilies, you can also conduct group discussions

    groups, extended profiles, news areas, activity feeds – this is a full-time functional BuddyPress

    polls – bbPress + GD Topic Polls, WP Easy Poll PRO also allows users to create polls

    for photos and albums (in addition to the voiced options), you can also try BuddyDrive

    but in general, you can see a list of plugins in my profile – there are a lot of things for BuddyPress (not all work correctly, but most of it is used on the sites I follow)




    Thank you so much everyone for your time and wisdom!

    I decided to use BuddyPress as it’s never going away, the functionality is endless, it’s not expensive in the formation stage, there are tons of developers, and there is lots of support.

    So thank you @venutius, and @vapvarun, and @krioteh.

    All of your feedback is very helpful in my process to decide in using BP moving forward. Yes, I do not have a lot of time and a one-stop shop like Peepso may make sense now. Yet, my community is still in the birthing stage and it’s best to leave things open as to where it needs to go.

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