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Beginner questions: profile without menu and “tags” for users

  • leokleine


    Hi everyone!

    I am totally new to buddy press and this board.

    So far I am getting along great and set up my network already and am super happy with all the support here. But sometimes it is hard to find the right information in this sea of knowledge.

    So far I liked the twetytwentyone theme all right and made a simple copy of it on my server so I don’t have to file with child-theme-issues. I got through to find the functions.php and started trying to add some code at the bottom of this document wich shoed some effects already.

    So I would be delighted if someone could direct me to the right information for a few points:

    – I want to get rid of the different tabs / the menu in the profiles but instead show just Picture and Name (as normal) and than a text (created a profile-tab for this already) and the list of friends below the text.

    – I would love to assign user-profiles different categories so I could e.g. select “farmers” from the top menu and sho a list of all “farmers” (actually it would be nice to see the categories that apply in a profile, too. These categories would be predefined (unlike lets say an Instagram hashtag that I could create on my own). Could someone point me in a direction how to make this happen? This could also be something like a sing up question where one could check the boxes that apply…

    Some informations on the why: I trie to help friends from an NGO here in Switzerland with an makeshift network to bridge some time until they can raise money for a developer who will take over (so pardon me as I have very limited knowledge). The network will showcase you as a person or organization (basically the same in terms of the website) and show links to other persons or organizations. It is not intended that people create posts and content beyond their initial profile wich should make it easier to start but sometime contradicts a bit the default of BuddyPress i think.

    Thank you all very much for reading and helping and also letting me know if I move my question to a different part of this board.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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