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Below my Footer

  • chakadizulu


    Hi, I am using WordPress 3.5.1 and Buddypress version 1.6.4. My site pages can be viewed as follows:


    I don’t know why but all my BuddyPress content appears underneath my footer content. I am using Churchope latest theme version 1.11. In trying to ensure theme compatibility, I had created header-buddypress.php, sidebar-buddypress.php, and footer-buddypress.php and replaced the code with the content of my theme’s page.php. The code is as follows:

    So that is what I have in my header-buddypress.php, sidebar-buddypress.php, and footer-buddypress.php files.

    I dont know why the content appears below my footer. Kindly help.
    Many thanks.

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  • Not 100% sure what you copied and to where but your page is technically a broken one all the BP content is rendering after the closing html tag.

    You could attempt to rectify this with help but in all honesty you would be better off waiting on the release of BP 1.7 with theme compatibility as you won’t face these issues any longer.


    You may also download BP 1.7 beta and install that, it’s feeling pretty stable and is unlikely to change greatly between now and final release.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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