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Best CRM + online marketing sytem

  • XrossGG


    I a building up a large community for my current client base. Members will get an extensive profile in BP, but I need to capture that information in a professional CRM system that allows me to optimise my online marketing as well.

    I can’t afford things like Hubspot with around $1000 monthly fees. What are the best alternatives that actually integrate well with BP?

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  • Henry Wright


    You could use WordPress as your CRM. There are quite a few plugins in the repo for that purpose. My advice is to set up a test install, try them out and see which one works best for you.



    Thanks Henry, Maybe you have just opened up a new world to me. I’ve been working with Salesforce in the past to store a lot of personal information, now it’s a different CRM/online marketing system. I was never aware that WordPress could be used as a CRM system. I would need something advanced though, something like Salesforce and then also an online marketing tool included. Quite honestly, I would love to keep everything inside WordPress, but I’m not sure that something like that exists. Would there be any (eventually paid) specific solutions that you could advise?

    What I need is at least the following (and much more…):
    * store all details from visitors (personal details, mailing preferences, interests, etc), with advanced search and selection functionalities
    * send an automated email to members that weren’t active for the past x months
    * Send an automated thank you email to people who joined an event
    * Track email, login, site activity
    * Etc etc.




    read some advice here.



    Hi danbp. Thanks a lot for your kind message. It makes a world of difference already! I’m inclined to the paid plugin PressPoint. It’s the expensive one, but cheaper than what I have now, since i do need a powerful system. Otherwise the $38 codecanyone one is already going a long way and I especially like the WooCommerce integration. All in all, the WP-approach is interesting, because the integration with external solutions is just asking for problems and high bills from developers to connect the parts. Those systems are also just much more expensive per month and may be way too complex to use easily. I feel they are more for big companies with various departments, sales tracks etc. I hope something positive comes out of this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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