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Best Theme for Busy Community?

  • Julia_B


    I’m considering a redesign for my busy members site.

    I currently have around 250 members, most of whom are very active in the community, and I’m looking to increase numbers to around 500 over the next six months.

    I currently have the Buddy theme installed by Ghostpool. It has been great for the first year of the site, I just have some concerns about how well it will scale up as member numbers increase.

    At the moment I have my site set up with a single Buddypress group for general chat and then members use the BBpress forums for more involved conversations. All activity appears on a feed in the centre of the homepage so members can quickly catch up with what’s been going on.

    This has been working well so far, but I’m not sure how it will scale up. For example, with my current theme, replies to posts in the chat group are nested and start to look untidy after a few replies (the font size also decreases making them difficult to read). Another issue is that replies appear twice on the activity feed – once under the original post and again individually. As the site gets busier this could get really confusing.

    Another issue is that members can reply to (buddypress) group comments via the homepage activity feed but to reply to (bbpress) forum posts they see in the activity feed they have to click the title to go through to the forum to reply. This often causes confusion.

    It is good to have the forum activity appearing on the homepage though, I think this helps keeps conversations going much more than if members only saw the forum topic headers on arriving at the site.

    The community is central to the site, but members also need to access post/page content, so I need to consider how content is presented too.

    It’d be really useful to know what themes people are using for busy community-focused sites, especially larger sites.

    Any recommendations?

    (I know I can search the theme directory, by the way, I’d just really like some recommendations from site owners using the themes)

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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