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Best way to customize home theme?

  • Wardee


    What’s the best way to make a custom home theme?

    Should I use the BP home theme as a template and then create a child theme?

    Do I use the custom-styles.css that style.css calls for?

    Another option?

    How are you handling this? I’m not very knowledgeable, so would appreciate specific rather than general answers. Thanks!

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  • Wardee


    I’ve been looking around in the css files.

    In buddypress-home > css, I found custom-sample.css. The comment in the file says to rename it as custom.css and put style changes in that file.

    This way style changes will be preserved even while updating the buddypress-home theme.

    This is the answer I needed and I’m posting it in case it will help someone else too. Thanks, Andy, for enabling this through your file structure.

    Nevermind I found it in the buddypress-member / css folder

    Burt Adsit


    Hi wardeh. Are you just gonna skin the home theme? In that case yes. custom-styles.css is what I would use. If I remember correctly it gets fired up last in sequence so it overrides the other css.

    Yep. Just looked. Both the home and member themes look for custom.css and load it last.



    Thanks, Burt!



    now the best way is editing your css and your members-theme. But if you’re good in php and html, you could include bp in your theme

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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