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Best Way to Set Up a BuddyPress Membership Site for Users to Collaborate

  • jstuartwp



    Thanks in advance to all who read and respond to this. I am trying to build a membership site with the premise of the members paying for access to a community to collaborate with. Ideally my end result includes:

    -A general forum for anyone to view (easy enough)

    -A members-only forum for collaborative project postings (like a job board, for example – in fact something closer to that would be even better)

    -The ability for collaborators to have their own forum or group messaging (as in buddypress), paid members only

    -The synchronization of forum and membership profile pages, etc. Currently I have the WPMU Membership plugin and its “Profile” page is different from the BuddyPress profile, obviously I would like them to be the same (so that if a user updates their name in the BuddyPress profile it is concurrent throughout).

    -A clean looking solution for notification and links to profile, groups, etc either in a sidebar widget or toolbar at the top of the page (preferably not the wordpress toolbar)

    That is more or less it. What is the best way to achieve this? Or even something close to it? I am relatively familiar with WordPress but new to BuddyPress, however I assumed this wouldn’t be very difficult. Please excuse any ignorance I am showing. :p

    I reeeeeeally appreciate any help with this at all, it would be amazing to get this figured out! I’d owe any and all of you a beer!


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  • That sort of reads like a spec sheet.

    What have you attempted thus far, too what stage have you got your site to?

    Many of those requirements are to a degree configuration pf plugins so shouldn’t present too many difficulties.

    A few of those requirements might be a little trickier and require the services of a developer.



    Thanks for response!

    I did some research and found that s2member syncs profiles with buddypress, so that part is solved. The only thing I’m still really looking for is a notifications bar or widget, other than the wordpress one. Hopefully there is a plugin for that?





    That works perfectly!

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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