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Better BP search options needed!

  • nipponmonkey


    I’m running BP on WP (not the multiuser version) and I find the search options pretty terrible at the moment.

    For example:
    1, The default search form at the top of BP only allows you to search Members, Groups and Forums. So, it’s not possible to search your main blog posts. I think this is an essential option.

    2, The forum search only searches the topic titles. All the posts in the forums aren’t searched at all. This is very limiting.

    3, The group search only searches the group titles and not any posts made in the group.

    4, There isn’t an activity search – maybe a full activities search could be the answer to many of the above problems as forum posts, group post, etc… are listed in the activities feed.

    5, There aren’t any advanced search options for members. Maybe you want to find members by age, sex, job, etc…

    6, Finally, I couldn’t find a simple way of setting the default search mode in the select dropdown menu. It defaults as Members, but I’d prefer it to default as Forums as I think that’s a more useful search.

    I couldn’t find a good solution to these problems, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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