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Better way to add an update to a group’s activity feed?

  • AngelaQ


    When I go to a Group, it defaults to the group’s home page. Nothing at all indicates that members can make “activity updates”. After searching all over I found in the right hand menu a link that says “Activity” and if they click on that, then they can add an update that then shows on the home page. Why can’t they just add updates right in the home page? I’d like for members to start making comments in the group but this seems cumbersome. Should I be adding a forum instead? Totally confused on the point of the activity feed.

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  • Venutius


    With the BP Legacy theme the deault home page is that group activity page and members can post updates from there. With BP Nouveau this is also the default unless you configure it to have a home page. The default home page is blank and the idea is that you need to populate it with widgets or other means to add the content you want. What I usually do is add shortcodes that display the groups What’s New form ( for posting activity updates ) plus other shortcodes to display the activity updates and other group information. it’s why I created to allow group managers to create their own group homepage content.

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