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BigBlueButton and Buddypress Group Integration

  • tse11


    Hi there, I am currently working off of the latest Buddypress and WordPress versions.

    I am trying to implement bigbluebutton into buddypress groups whereas, each time a user creates a group, he also has the option to create a meeting room for bbb. I have the plugin for wordpress which utilizes the bigbluebutton api but am having trouble figuring out how to:

    a- create the proper steps in group creation for bigbluebutton to make a meeting room for new groups

    b- allow the group admin to display past recording of their group meeting room only

    c- create a tab for the meeting room for regular participants to join and view meetings

    I know this is a tall one but I am asking to be pointed in the right direction on how to do this…I have all the tools but just don’t know how to put it all together to have everything integrated nicely into buddypress groups rather than just a wordpress page. Thank you in advance for ANY ideas. (I have read the codex on group api and am still seriously stumped. The plugin that uses bbb api is here: )

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