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Blank screen after changing Component settings :( help.

  • Carvill


    After changing the component settings from the buddypress toolbar I am faced with a blank screen for front end and back! If I disable the Buddypress plugin by renaming in my FTP client the issue is resolved.

    I need to change these settings but as I cant activate the plugin without the back end going blank I am in stuck!

    Can anyone out there help me :( I am stressing out!

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  • Carvill


    Just to let you know I have resolved the problem, it could of been one of the following I’m not exactly sure which one, all I know is it has corrected itself some how.

    Deactivating any plugins that are related to Buddypress
    Switching to WordPress Defualt theme
    Removing and reinstalling Buddypress

    If anyone out there feels they can educate me on how this may of happened I would be grateful.


    Hard to say exactly, doubt it was an issue resolved by re-installing BP though – switching themes can be an issue or at least de-activating BP then trying to go straight to the frontend without first ensuring a WP theme is enabled will cause white screen – but your scenario doesn’t suggest that was process involved as you talk about components- what sounds more likely is that you had a BP plugin/s running that don’t correctly check for BP loaded before they try and run.

    You should be able to check if a plugin is at fault by leaving BP deactivated and in turn activating BP plugins to see whether one causes an issue of the type you describe.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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