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Blank screen and line errors

  • Jurnan



    I decided to make an attempt at installing Buddypress on the website of our local motorcycle club. It’s not working, however. The site was up and running fine, but as soon as I install Buddypress the screen goes blank and I no longer have acces to any parts of my website.

    Other topics describe this problem as well, but I just changed the name of the folder in which I installed Buddypress. That gave me back my site, but the problem persists. After having made sure permalinks are enabled and that the the themes are suitable for Buddypress (I also copied the bp-theme into the theme folder of wordpress to see if this worked – but it didn’t) I no longer just get the blank screen, but now I get erros related to my header (line 9. But as soon as I throw that one out, line 44 gives me an error etc. etc.).

    Of course I haven’t been able to look through all of the old topics that can be found here, but if anyone could help me out or send me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.


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  • BP default theme remains in the buddypress directory in plugins do not move it.

    You may need to run the template pack plugin to make your current site theme BP compatible

    White screens are indicative of a low php script memory value that will need to be increased, but please check the forums threads as there are many that cover this issue and explain how to deal with it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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