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Blog in the BP frontpage?

  • Sgrunt


    Hi guys: there is a way to show on the BP frontpage the blog articles with excerpt and images, as the Blog page does?

    I’ve used the recent blog articles widget, but it does not show images from the articles: only a small excerpt of the last post and titles of following posts.

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  • Yes you will have to edit the theme. Look at index.php in one of the standard wp themes, copy the main loop out and put it into the bp home theme’s. Home.php



    thanx Paul i’ll try it and let you know!



    Looks like this post hasn’t been active for a month or so, but I’ll put this here anyway… I wanted to do the same thing you do, but without loosing the completely widgetized front page, so I wrote a new widget of my own by pretty much just copying the BP Recent Posts widget and modifying one line so that it displays the whole post, instead of just the excerpt.

    The line in questions was

    <div class="item-content"><?php echo bp_create_excerpt($post->post_content) ?></div>

    which I changed to

    <div class="item-content"><?php echo $post->post_content ?></div>

    If you’d like to use the plugin I made to load that widget, so I didn’t have to modify the core files, you can get it here: Just download that and make it .php instead of .txt, and you should be good to go!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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